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Here’s a step-by-step instruction on how to use the web application.

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If you are a new user on, you need to register to start using this cool new web application. Using this application will help you customize your clothes, bags, shoes and other adornments made partly or entirely out of indigenous materials or by a designer near you.

When you visit the URL, you click the register button.


After you hit the register button, a page loads where you input the following details as required;

First Name, Last Name, Email, Password, Check the agreement box after reading it and click register.


An activation link will be sent to the email you filled into the form. Log into your email and follow the link to activate your account.


After activating your account, click login, provide your email and password, then you can proceed to login. You can then access your dashboard now and you can now buy products on the site. If you can’t remember your password, follow the forgot password link.


The dashboard is where you access all your account information.


Control panel

This is the pane where the notifications of all activities you perform on the site appear.

Personal Information

This is where you update your bio-data.

Address Book

Addresses change often, so you can update it here as you go!

My Orders

When you order a product, the order summary appears here in this format


You can view your order number, the quantity you ordered, time you ordered it, the status of the delivery, price and you can revisit the order page if you click on “view.” Additionally, you are to click on received when your order is delivered to you in good condition as paid for. The time-stamp seen on the thumbnail is the time to when a product is to be delivered to you by your designer. You can use this information to track your order on

Admin also uses all these info to help you get served better!

Reviews and Ratings

All reviews and ratings you make appear here. You can rate or review any designer or his/her product easily from the order page. Tell your designer how much you appreciate his work!

Saved Items

You can save an item/product from the order page. Just click the order button on any product and click on save. The concept behind saved items is a revised version of the normal carting system we call “My Wardrobe.” You can save classy designs from your favorite designer and view/buy them later easily from your dashboard.

Sent Items

If you observe from the order page, you will see the options to “send measurement to designer” and “send design to designer.”


These links will take you to pages where you can send your measurement to a designer when product sizes displayed don’t fit you or send your design (probably seen on TV or worn by a friend) to the designer to customize for you because you like his/her work.

To send your measurement to a designer, just edit your measurements as requested in the form and proceed to checkout.

To send your design to a designer, you will be required to upload the picture of the design you want to send, edit your measurements and click send.


When you successfully send your design or measurement, this is how it appears on your dashboard for reference. All the requisites serve as guides so you can easily to track your order.


My Measurement

This is where you save your measurement on It is important to use your correct measurements either in inches or cm because your designer will use this info to give you a custom fit. You can use the size guide to take your measurements yourself or tell a professional to assist you.


When you’re through, click on update. Note that you are encouraged to change your measurements any time to reflect your current size.

My Wallet

This is your EI-Wallet account page (a prepaid virtual account where money is stored for use on the site in the form of eiCoins). If you haven’t registered for you eiWallet account yet just fill in the requisites and submit the application. After creating your account, you will be issued with a Wallet ID.


You can buy and transfer eiCoins from your wallet dashboard. Just click on which action you want to perform, fill in the requisites and submit. Your request will be received at the admin panel when you buy eiCoins. One (1) eicoin is equivalent to 100 NGN on, although you can get it cheaper from certified eiCoins brokers. Priority is given to designers when it comes to withdrawal/redeeming eiCoins. You can also view your credit and debit transaction history from this page.

Apply for Designer

This is a form on your dashboard where you are to fill out your particulars such as your brand name and reasons why you want to be a designer on (eiDesigner). When your account is upgraded, more functions will be added to your dashboard as illustrated below:


You can then proceed to add products, however, users would not be able to purchase your products on the site until you activate your EI-Wallet with 100 eicoins (10,000 NGN) which is non-refundable/redeemable/withdraw-able.

Add Products

This is the engine room to create marketing and sales for you and your products on as a designer. You are required to add four views of your product (pictures), select the sizes of the product available using ‘s size guide and fill other requisites in other to have a robust order page for your customers.


When you want to upload a view, click on “select a file,” choose a file for your computer or phone, then click “upload.” If the path to the file (photo) you selected or the file name appears in the provided area just below, you can proceed to click the view it represents (main, left, right or back). Repeat this procedure for the remaining views. The path/name of the file will appear in the boxes at the bottom right as you select the views.

Other important parts of this form include; product name, price (full price of product = workmanship plus price of material), number in stock, raw material used (fabrics or accessories), other product/production info, return policy, category and subcategory. After filling all the requisites, click on submit to upload your product to the order page.

NB: The results of your last upload may appear on your dashboard when you want to make a new one. Do not be afraid, it was set by our programmers to help you upload products easily. However, you can overwrite all the info if it doesn’t match your new upload by using the process described above.

My Products

After successfully uploading a product from the add product page, it appears under this section for easy navigation in this format;


Votes and Reviews

This is where your votes and reviews appear. You can see what your customers think about you and your products easily from this section!


When a user sends a request; whether measurement or design, the details of the action appears on this dashboard in the following format:


From the picture above, you can see the actions you can perform when you receive a request. Initially, it appears like the thumbnail on the left, you can then choose whether to accept or decline the request. If you decline the request, the transaction is terminated but if you accept the request, your timer starts, leaving you with 7 days to complete the order. You can view the sender’s measurements and create a customized fit for him/her. As soon as you finish the order, you should click on product and when it has been shipped, click on product sent and that ends the transaction on your end.

NB: You can’t remove the order until the customer has clicked on received through his/her dashboard.

Get verified

To get verified on, you need to have sold 100 products on the site or a DTA of 500 eicoins (50,000 NGN) will be deducted from your eiWallet to mobilize Eistyles Nigeria’s agents to your workplace to conduct the verification assessment. Just pay for the value of eicoins to either a certified eicoins broker or directly to us to get started, then you fill the form under the get verified page stating your reason to get verified. Please note that any fees paid to Eistyles Nigeria is a one time fee and is not refundable. This is how a verified eiDesigner’s account appears on; observe the green tick.


My Trending Products

These are your most popular products on The rating may be based on votes, reviews, views, sold, shared, saved, searches, etc. They can all be viewed conveniently from this dashboard, arranged from top-left to bottom-right, down the page.

My Featured Products

When we feature your product/brand, it appears under this section for reference purposes. You get your product/brand featured by either featuring it yourself or contacting Eistyles admin. It costs 0.01 eicoins per click on sponsored/featured post. For brands, it costs 0.05 eicoins. Featured brands/products can be paused or restarted by the designer easily from this page on the site. Pausing them automatically removes them anywhere they may appear.

My Ordered Products

All your ordered products appear under this section for convenient navigation and assessment by the designer. It appears in this format on your dashboard:


When a user orders your product, you get an email notification to that effect. The order details/status appear explicitly on this dashboard, with a timer that begins to count down from 7 days. You can decline an order to terminate the transaction. It is your duty however, to inform admin of this action immediately it is taken to avoid downgrade. The reason is so that the user can be refunded appropriately as transactions made between user and designer are independent. Admin can only intervene in the event of a default or dispute.

When you accept to make a product, you will be able to view user’s measurement, indicate when product is done and when it has been shipped. You can’t remove an order until the user clicks on received on his/her dashboard.

My Banner

This is where you upload your company logo or any pictorial representation of your brand or business.

My Profile

This is where you update your view-able profile as a designer. You must complete this section for your verification request to be processed or before your brand will be featured in any of our social media campaigns. The key fields to update are your social media links. You are required to enter only your username in this format:


How to Order a Product on in 7 steps!

It’s very simple!

  1. Just click the order button on any product on the site to open the order page
  2. Select the size(s) depending on the quantity you want to order
  3. Click the checkout button to proceed to checkout page
  4. Select delivery method
  5. Select material option
  6. Select payment method and pay
  7. Click Order!

4 thoughts on “How works?

  1. This is awesome, a trailblazer in the world of fashion, the application is user friendly and the designs here are wonderful. The designers do not disappoint either. Thumbs up to Eistyles. I love this.


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