The Only Styles Manager

Eistyles is a pan African concept that brings tailor and customer together on an online platform to transact business. Activities similar to what is carried out offline, such as haggling, taking measurements, viewing catalogs, and sending design to designer whether through IM or email or waybill are being made more convenient with Eistyles.


Eistyles  Nigeria launched her maiden version of this product, a Beta called eistyles 1.0 on February 11, 2017 in Port Harcourt City Nigeria. One month later, the patronage of the product has grown with more mobile users as they attest that the UI is attractive and easy to navigate.

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Lotanna says: ” I’m a resident of  Port Harcourt and it’s quite hard to obtain quality ready-made Ankara designs, especially for attending weddings, without going to Onitsha or Aba”

Mmesoma says: “I’ve have always wondered how easy it can be to get Ankara crop tops at the same price obtained at the Oil-Mill market because to get the Fabric is quite expensive”

Sade says: “I sell Adire (Batik), Tie & Dye and Kampala designs I get at wholesale price from Ibadan but it’s not easy for the market to move, not only because of the recession but also that I find it very hard to reach my target market”

Afriksatbel says: “I’m a designer that tries to stand out from the crop of the many others out there in the market. I’m searching for my voice. I’m looking for the right stage.”

These and so many other voices out there can now rest easy, eistyles has come to save the day.

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Eistyles is here to give you the best marketing, sales and delivery services – raise the production standard and reduce prices of indigenous designs available for purchase. You may wonder what a herculean task we have decided to undertake but we assure you that our commitment to serve you better is unwavering. We Keep Your Word!

Series of Beta products will be launched throughout the course of five years with never been seen before web and mobile applications.

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