Indigenous Art and Design

Good day, ladies and gentlemen I’m Mmesoma Obi, Customer Service personnel at Eistyles Nigeria.

What is Eistyles Nigeria you may be wondering…?

Eistyles Nigeria is an ecommerce platform set to offer the best marketing, sales and delivery services for our customers. is an interactive platform that provides a link between designers and users.

What differentiates Eistyles from other online markets is it has a lot of uniqueness that separates it from other brands.

On, you do not only order for your clothes or other products, or just sell your products. The platform provides customers with a mouth watering opportunity of earning on the site. We call them Brokers. But before we delve into how to earn, let’s look at the many benefits that can grabbed by a user on the site…

Eistyles Nigeria is dedicated to growing our Nigerian brands. In recent times, most people have started welcoming our indigenous products through most of our top Nigerian designers like Yomi Casual, L’Ouche, Frank Oshodi, Lola Faturoti, Desola Sagoe, Duro Olowo and so many other unsung heroes whose designs have been worn by famous people locally and internationally.

Sometimes, we love these designs and love the designers that created them even more but we find out that we are at a loss when it comes to getting these products or finding that tailor to customize that particular design for us. Now that’s why we have Eistyles, solves our clothing problems, problems of accessories, where to get fitting shoes or made in Nigeria bags – everything can be gotten with one click on

A user of can;

  • Send your measurements to your designer. After you register and log in, you can click on the order button placed over any product and send your measurement to the designer if you are interested in that product and make an order.
  • Perhaps you are a girl that falls in love with material used by the designer but the style is a no-no, don’t fret, you can also send the styles of your choice to the designer, but he/she must consent to making the design at the same price.
  • Take an example where Tari loves the style the designer made but she isn’t too comfortable with the length, she can add more details when she clicks on the order button through the “send design to designer” feature – quite easy
  • On, we use a crypto-currency called EICOINS. This is virtual money stored in a prepaid wallet on the platform. Customers buy products cheaper using eicoins. These coins are also redeemable. 1 eicoin = ₦100
  • First 200 persons to register will be given 10 eicoins (₦1,000) gift voucher to shop on the site
  • First 100 persons to activate their wallet with 100 eicoins (₦10,000) get 50 eicoins (₦5,000) bonus
  • When you buy products using eicoins, and there is a valid return case at hand (eg. product doesn’t fit even after you supplied your correct measurements), you will be completely refunded your money back to your wallet.
  • It takes 5-7 days to deliver an accepted order

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