Earning on Eistyles.

Good day  designers and users. Our last post talked about benefits of using Eistyles as a user, what makes Eistyles different from other sites. Okay, lets look at this like a market place, for instance you waltz into a market place to get some products but after taking money from your purse you realize that shopping still gives you more money. Sounds magical right? Its time to know about Eistyles Brokers.

The Eicoins broker is a certified Eistyles Agent with license to sell eicoins as a third-party to any other user on our site http://www.eistyles.com. What is Eicoins?  Ecoins is the fastest, safest and most convenient payment gateway on Eistyles. It is a payment option where you earn as a broker. Brokers purchase virtual coins from eistyles and can sell them at a cheaper rate to other customers and still make profit. You buy 1 ecoin from us at 100 Naira. Users can in turn use these coins to buy products cheaper from the site.

Benefits of being a Broker.

Wondering where I get to the part of make more money? well, here it is.

Brokers are paid a bonus of 50 eicoins (5000 Naira) when they;

  1.  Invite a designer to register on the platform.
  2.  When the designers update their personal details
  3.  Create their wallet
  4.  Apply for designer status
  5.  Update their banner/profile (must include two social media links)
  6. Add at least two products.

Quite easy i must say, join other brokers on Eistyles and start earning. To get started, visit http://www.eistyles.com, register, update your personal details, create your wallet on your dashboard click on get paid and know all you need to know about being a broker. You need to also take the brokers exam on the site.



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