No 1 Styles Manager in Africa


Hello there,

So Eistyles is finally on track; the fashion hub has never looked this DIVINE. With some remodeling, exquisitely tailored contents to keep users updated with our latest campaigns, African designs, African designers, fashion tips, and the list goes on.

It launches its first ever blog post (today) to keep users on the edges of their seats and the potential designers on the edges of their hem strings. Get your thimbles set because Eistyles’ got news; you’re about to get HOOKED!!

Some of the featured episodes to run on the blog are as listed:

AFRICAN AESTHETICS: a chance to meet Eistyles designers and learn about adding some afro rhythm to your wardrobe.

OOTD: This is also a formal chance for the style brands to display their OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) and we pick the best based on the number of likes (be sure to participate, you wouldn’t want to miss out)

TIPS AND TRICKS: This episode brings basic/advanced tips and tricks on maintaining true African aesthetics. (There’s a tip for everyone!)

DIY: Do it yourself imposed projects are a tactic to build. This features style basic do it yourself projects, like headwraps, African accessories, how-tos, etc.

WE (Wardrobe Essentials): This is where we style your African Wadrobe on using the save button

WISHLIST: Build your wishlist by piecing stuff from many designers on and creating the styles that fits you

Product Review: We also want your opinion on what you want, don’t leave all the talking to us, it’s a conversation..

Prepare to be amazed, you haven’t seen anything yet guys..


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