Eistyles is hosting its first ever edition of DIY Projects –Do It Yourself. It is an edition where we engage more creative minds to recreate and upscale their skills as well as maintain an authenticity in the African Fashion.

Today’s edition focuses on DIY Scrunchy Project. WHAT IS A SCRUNCHY? 
A scrunchy is a circular band of fabric or a definition for the more nerdy fashionistas out there, a scrunchie (or scrunchy) is a fabric-covered elastic hair tie used to fasten long hair, large, elaborate styles and diminutive. Unassuming forms are available in many different colours, fabrics, and designs – a weird fancy name for hair ruffle (LOL)

Scrunches are easy, fun and fabulous hair accessories. With the rather increasing demand to maintain the black girl Afro – it’s high time the scrunches came back.  Made from almost any fabric dependent on the fashionista’s style – Satin, cotton, lace, jean, wool and Yes! Why not the Ankara and Kiente fabric? It canbe done!!

Today eistyles would be highlighted the DIY SCRUNCHY PROJECT. Whatever fabric you decide to use in designing this simple hair accessories; would definitely be a show stopper!!

Are you ready?!! I hope some of us still remember how to handle the crotchet pin – Let’s do the SCRUNCHY!!

Rubber band(s)

Crotchet pin

Wool (any colour)


Written by: Samantha Equere. 


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